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    Online reservations costing me more time than calling in the first place

    I used the new online dining reservation system a few days ago for our visit on Dec. It is easy enough to use, pretty much like Disney World. On October 23rd I made a series of 5 reservation, one of which I messed up and made the reservation for Oct. 23rd not Dec. 23rd. I didnít catch it till the reservation was submitted and confirmed. I immediately called Disney Dining, explained the situation and they canceled the reservation for me.

    I didnít think anything of it till I looked at my credit card and saw that Disney charged me $20, I think for canceling the reservation within 24-hours. So save youíre self a headache and double check that youíre in the correct month when using the online system. It looks like Iím going to be spending more time on the phone, so much for saving time and doing it online.

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    Re: Online reservations costing me more time than calling in the first place

    It definitely has bugs. When I attempted to make reservations for "dinner", a choice in the drop down menu, it said nothing was available. When I made reservations for say, 5 PM, then it conveniently had times available. At like, 3:30, or 7 PM. I think that's a lie to spread people throughout the less busier dining times, but whatever. I was fine with emailing my request!
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    Re: Online reservations costing me more time than calling in the first place

    The system is nearly worthless. Our last trip we tried to use it. It worked the first time we put in a reservation... Then after that it would appear to work, would show us available times and then when we went to the final step it would give some strange maintenance error and wouldn't do anything... those types of situations continued day after day... Making it even more annoying is that when we had CMs at the park try to make reservations for us they had the same issues. Their suggestion was to go to the place we wanted to dine at and make a reservation there... nearly 30 minutes later we finally got them to make us one for a place only to find out that the time we asked for, and that they said was available magically morphed into a new time 2 and a half hours earlier... In short, try to avoid the online system at all costs... Try and contact the place you want reservations to, as we found that when a cast member outside your targeted spot is used they end up using the same screwed up system.

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    Re: Online reservations costing me more time than calling in the first place

    Hmm... I just made 5 dining reservations for my upcoming trip in December and I had no bugs or issues.

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    Re: Online reservations costing me more time than calling in the first place

    Confirmed last night but the site wasn't working properly. Tried to make a reservation last night for the storytellers Cafť for this Sunday for lunch and the time window we wanted was not offered. Knowing how popular that place is on Sunday I decided to go with Plan B and La Brea bakery. The site also did not offer noon for that place and I know that La Brea is not nearly as popular as storytellers. At that point I gave up on the site and just decided to phone in to a live person and we got the time when we wanted for storytellers. The site will be a nice idea once they get it working properly.
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