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    Re: Can everyone stop with the Disneyland Park "Next Big Thing" so-called rumors

    I enjoy the rumors. That's what makes this a fan site, and not a news source. It's a forum for discussion, opinions, ideas, and (my favorite) trip reports. I do find it annoying when people present rumors as fact, but what can you do? Luckily, you can always skip over the threads that don't interest you.

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    Re: Can everyone stop with the Disneyland Park "Next Big Thing" so-called rumors

    Quote Originally Posted by sleepyjeff View Post
    Loved that book!!!
    Same here! The thing that always annoyed me though was that the maps almost never seemed up to date. Quite a few of the years (as in 2001 and beyond) show Rocket Rods still on the tracks on DL's map even though it closed in 2000! 2001 is forgivable since the attraction was "officially" announced as closed in late 2000 despite the promise that it would "reopen spring 2001" (still remember this sign!), but after that, come on! And don't get me started on the DCA map...although I did look at the 2013 version and the maps for both parks were finally updated (give or take one or two things)!
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