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    Re: New Special Effects for World of Color

    Quote Originally Posted by nonob88 View Post
    Not sure if it's intentional, but it's a nice nod to Luminaria - which also featured twinkling lights on Screamin'. Of course this time it's more high-tech and on a bigger scale..
    God I miss Luminaria! I've always thought that show had a lot of heart - more even than World of Color.

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    Re: New Special Effects for World of Color

    I heard luminera was a massive explosion with excessive smoke. I read reviews here from Al himself. Funny actually.

    I'm glad california adventure has evolved into a nice park. I do miss the lack of lines circa 1998.

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    Re: New Special Effects for World of Color

    I don't know is this is where this post should go but just watched the NEW* Disneyland Paris Disney Dreams! Christmas version I have feeling its super similar to the new WOC show take a look a lot of the same animation as they've been advertising for *SPOILERS* Disney Dreams! of Christmas with Disney Light'Ears - Disneyland Paris - YouTube

    love the ending so much so grand.
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    It's a music Celebration
    Come on, come on, come on
    Strike up the band,
    Feel the beat, what a great sensation
    Come on, come on, come on
    Move and clap your hands,
    Get into the Spirit
    Let everyone hear it,
    So come on, come on

    Step into the Magic
    Watch the stories come alive
    Step into the Magic
    Every color shines so bright
    Step into the Magic!!!!

    -Disneyland Forever Fireworks

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