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    Question About Seasons

    So I know DLR has Halloween time and Christmas time, but do they do anything special for other times of the year?
    I guess there really aren't any other seasonal occasions to celebrate (like the "holiday seasons").

    Just curious about if they do a little extra something during spring/summer (other than Valentine's Day).

    Sorry if I'm not making my question very clear! /:

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    Re: Question About Seasons

    I don't think the seasons are celebrated other than Halloweentime and Christmas in terms of decorations. They might to special events on certain holidays, like Valentine's and Fourth of July, but you probably wouldn't see any special decorations.
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    Re: Question About Seasons

    They decorate Main Street and BVS with American flags and bunting for July 4th; I am not sure how long that stays up, but this year it was there when I visited in the end of June and still there when I visited again at the very end of August (I am thinking maybe they leave it up from Memorial Day to Labor Day?). In the second photo, if you look closely at the train station, you will see it. For other holidays, like Mardi Gras, Valentine's Day, Three Kings Day, Easter, Cinco de Mayo, etc. they will have little events here and there (like the "bunny hop" through Main Street they did for Easter, characters in Mardi Gras costumes in New Orleans Square for Mardi Gras), or special food choices at some of the restaurants. They usually do a nice festival for Lunar New Year in February - There's nothing on the scale of Halloween or Holiday time, though.

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    Re: Question About Seasons

    Yes, the 4th has nice Decorations. They did a Chinese New Year thing at DCA. Pretty much any holiday is an excuse but Christmas and Halloween are the big ones.

    Thanksgiving? I know the president pardons a turkey and it's sent to Disneyland.

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    Re: Question About Seasons

    Quote Originally Posted by brian11811 View Post
    They did a Chinese New Year thing at DCA. Pretty much any holiday is an excuse but Christmas and Halloween are the big ones.
    As far as seasons there are four. Regular, Summer, Halloween and Holidays.

    Summer has American décor, the week of the fourth special fireworks, but the whole summer special has another special firework show.

    Even small holidays days have special things, look at the flowers they change for different occasions.
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