View Poll Results: What Maleficent Promotion Do You Want?

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  • *Film premiere on screen over the rivers of America with animatronic Maleficent dragon.

    4 7.84%
  • Sleepy Beauty castle projection show with green fireworks and vines growing over this castle.

    15 29.41%
  • Maleficient parade.

    3 5.88%
  • Take out the Fantasyland Theater and put in a Maleficent's castle and dark ride.

    11 21.57%
  • Maleficent themed food options and Maleficent ears.

    2 3.92%
  • Nothing

    16 31.37%
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    Re: What Maleficent Promotion Should Disneyland Do?

    Quote Originally Posted by Malina View Post
    I still wish they'd do a Maleficent Thorn Maze. They could make it like the Disneyland Paris Alice maze, where there's a castle at the middle, but make it all dark and spooky, have the goons popping up from time to time for comic relief, and have the ominous parts of the Sleeping Beauty soundtrack playing in the background.

    And if they are worried that it promotes the villains too much, well, at the end of the attraction you get out of the maze and escape, so Maleficent doesn't get you.
    Very clever idea

    And a maze would be a new type/form of attraction for the park, which would be cool.

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    Re: What Maleficent Promotion Should Disneyland Do?

    Maybe they could take a page from DHS... A gigantic Maleficent hat in front of and blocking the castle, with a crow hanging off to the side.

    They could leave it up for years!

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    Re: What Maleficent Promotion Should Disneyland Do?

    I'm sure Disney would NEVER do this just because they wouldn't want the video getting out, but it would be super awesome if they ever did one special Fantasmic where the villains win. Maybe as a private party event that is adults only or something like that. Have them hire some stunt actor and put him in a specially designed flame retardant Mickey costume, have Malificent the dragon flambee him when he pulls out his wimpy little sword, and then after that scene have a decrepit looking Mark Twain sail around with all of the villains black and red fire themed streamers with an off-key version of the normal Fantasmic song playing.
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    Re: What Maleficent Promotion Should Disneyland Do?

    I think having the New Fantasyland dragon at both Disneyland and Disney World to promote Maleficent would be the best idea. Also I wouldn't mind if they used 3D projection mapping on the castles to do the thorn effect whenever the dragon flies at night. That's one thing we never got to see in Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty, I wonder if Angelina Jolie's dragon will fly in her film. There's a reason why Maleficent and Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland have similar looks to them. The director was also the production designer on Burton's Alice. I love how epic it's looking though. I also thought about maybe a pre-parade like they did with Enchanted and Prince Caspian. With the mistress of all evil herself on a black horse.

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    Re: What Maleficent Promotion Should Disneyland Do?

    Quote Originally Posted by frollofan View Post
    Sleeping Beauty Castle temporarily becoming Maleficent's Castle with a thorn thicket around the castle with the paint being gray and black.

    Maleficent meet n greet in Fantasyland
    How about a Limited Time Magic Angelina Jolie Maleficent meet and greet.

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