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    "Glow" by Eric Whitacre for Winter Dreams

    Not entirely sure if this was posted already, so my apologies if it has. Anyway, so after wanting to hear the song in high quality, I was searching around and eventually stumbled upon a studio recording of the opening song to World of Color - Winter Dreams.

    I just want to say congratulations and great job to all of those who were apart of this virtual choir.

    Glow: The Song ‚€“ About ‚€“ World of Color Honor Choir

    Imagine a crisp, winter morning at sunrise, with a glinting sun reaching fingers of light across the new fallen snow. In the crystal stillness the silence is broken by a songbird, singing nature’s praises in the growing warmth of a new day. This is the essence of ‘Glow,’ a new choral composition written especially for the World of Color – Winter Dreams holiday show by Grammyģ winner Eric Whitacre.

    Softly falls the morning snow,
    Whispers to the sleeping world below:
    “Wintertide awakes.”
    Dawning breaks and sets the earth aglow.

    In gentle tones of warmest white,
    Proclaim the glory of Aurora’s light.

    Sparrow sings in a clear, clean voice,
    A sweet, silver carol for the season born.
    Radiant wings as the skies rejoice,
    Arise and illuminate the morn.

    Softly falls the morning snow,
    Whispers to the sleeping world below:

    - Edward Esch

    ‘Glow’ is written for four voice parts, soprano, alto, tenor, bass, piano and strings. Singers should note the tempo marking, “Semplice, con rubato,” which denotes the simple yet expressive intent of the piece. With multiple time signatures and dynamic tempo changes from Eric, keeping a sharp eye on the conducting will be critical to an excellent performance.
    This is a soft piece requiring excellent breath control. It begins at piano, peaks only to a mezzo forte and finishes with a descrescendo to just a whisper at pianissimo. Five bars from the finish there is a Grand Pause, then off you Glow to the end.
    Fighting just to survive but you taught me I can.

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    Re: "Glow" by Eric Whitacre for Winter Dreams

    Long time lurker and member here, but first post. Glow is a beautiful song. I worked with one of my students on it to prepare her for her audition and I am pleased to say that she is one of the snowflakes you see in the show. Now she will actually have to go to DCA to see herself.

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    Re: "Glow" by Eric Whitacre for Winter Dreams

    I wonder where i can get a hold of the instrumental version

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