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    Question regarding purchasing tickets.

    Staying at the Hilton Anaheim this time around, and have never purchased tickets separately. Can anyone tell me how to purchase tickets at the lowest price please? In person at the ticket office, online, or from a different venue such as a local business or store?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Question regarding purchasing tickets.

    You can buy them online at, at the ticket booth or from your hotel. The tickets will be the same price so it comes down to which method is the most convenient. If you want discounted tickets your best bet is AAA or Costco.

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    Re: Question regarding purchasing tickets.

    Try Discount Tickets and Tours. They are located in the Garden Walk. I saved $10 per hopper ticket. The list price is $5 cheaper than the ticket booth and you can print an online coupon for an additional $5.

    It was nice, I was able to walk in their store and purchase the tickets the day before we visited the parks. So, the morning we went to the park, we didn't have to mess with ticket booths, we went right to the entrances.

    I'm using that place every time I stay in Anaheim for now on.
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    Re: Question regarding purchasing tickets.

    Pretty sure Costcos don't have discounted tix right now, was just at the one in Los Feliz, didn't see any

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    Re: Question regarding purchasing tickets.

    There is no public discount.
    Buy them online to save about 30 minutes away from the kiosks.
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    Re: Question regarding purchasing tickets.

    Some advice in the opposite direction. Where NOT to buy them, Craigslist, Ebay
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    Re: Question regarding purchasing tickets.

    If it's a single day ticket it doesn't matter same price. If a multiday ticket you can get the same discount across the street at the hotels(your hotel too) or online.

    Online has the advantage that you can print it and take it right to the gate.
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