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    Thanksgiving Week?

    I would like to know how busy was Disneyland this week. I was there last weekend and it was not to bad. I am already planning my trip for next year and was wondering how busy is it the week of Thanksgiving. We would probably go Sun, Mon, Tues. Would it be busy? Insane??

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    Re: Thanksgiving Week?

    I wouldn't say insane, but it brings in as much crowd as weekends do. Since alot of schools get the entire Thanksgiving week off, alot more people will be visiting throughout the week! You wouldn't have a miserable trip though. You should be fine planning your trip!

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    Re: Thanksgiving Week?

    I visited over Thanksgiving in 2008 and said never again. It was by far the busiest I have ever experienced the park being in all the years I have been. I would rather go during the summer than over Thanksgiving.

    But with that said, if you go earlier in the week it probably wouldn't be as busy as it will be the actual day and day after. My trip was Wednesday-Friday and included Thanksgiving Day. If you do Sunday-Tuesday you would probably experience a little less in terms of crowds, but not much.
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    Re: Thanksgiving Week?

    with the price increase it should not be too bad at all this year. that is my guess

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    Re: Thanksgiving Week?

    When planning a vacation to someplace like Disneyland I always recommend viewing it as you would a local shopping mall. Summers and major holidays, mall is packed. Normal time of year when people are working and kids are in school, mall is empty. Disneyland isn't quite "empty" but it is substantially less crowded.

    There is a tradeoff. During the "off season" hours and show schedules are reduced, and some attractions may be down for maintenance. But, attractions that are open are substantially less busy. Imagine a 15 minute wait on Indy, or a 20 minute wait on Space... all day...

    My wife and I use the same methodology when planning our trips to other tourist destinations. We did Grand Canyon near Spring Break a few years back. Why? Because it was cooler, still a bit of snow on the ground, and we had a lot of places to ourselves. In Summer it would have been 90 and elbow to elbow with people. Disneyland is crowded on Spring Break. Disneyland is typically empty on a Tuesday in March... just sayin.

    For someone who is in the workforce, you're going to burn the vacation hours regardless. So it really comes down to the kids and school. Just remember when they're "out" for vacation chances are other schools are as well!
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