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    Use "Just One Dream" in World of Color

    I haven't visited these forums in ages... but today I was listening to my old California Adventure CD I bought back in 2002. (half the music on it is no longer relevent). "Just One Dream" from Golden Dreams is on the CD. I've always loved the song, but as I listened to it I had a thought that I'd share with the micechatters!

    I think Golden Dreams, (especially the song "Just One Dream") was an attraction with heart. If I'm not mistaken there once was plans to feature it in the Carthay Circle theater... but those plans were scrapped. Why not re-purpose that song and over all theme in World of Color? It wouldn't have to be the exact same video, but it would be the same idea... that anything can happen with "Just One Dream".

    Perhaps for DCA's 15th, or a post or pre show.

    What do you all think?

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    Re: Use "Just One Dream" in World of Color

    I think adding in Just One Dream would be a great piece for a 15th anniversary encore, as would Soarin'.

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    Re: Use "Just One Dream" in World of Color

    Pretty good idea as an encore or maybe before the show (similar to how the Glow segment introduces Winter Dreams). Just have to edit Shaq and Tiger out of it first.

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