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    Smile Back at Disneyland

    I haven't been to Disneyland in a year give or take a few days and I just did. My family is thinking of only getting passes every other year so when we do go it will be pretty special. I don't know if I want to do that because I love Disney. What are your feelings?

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    Re: Back at Disneyland

    My friend gets passes every other year and she loves it, because if she does it consecutively she said she will get "tired" of Disneyland (which I think is humanely impossible). I would spend as much time as Disneyland as I could, but go by your instinct
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    Re: Back at Disneyland

    I've let mine lapse. Partly the cost, partly the crowds, partly that the park has been going in directions that I don't particularly enjoy in some ways.

    So for now... I'll take a day here and there and not worry about anything more. That may change in the future.
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    Re: Back at Disneyland

    Have you been back to Disneyland again, now that you have passes?

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