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    What ever happened to the original concept of DCA?

    As I was procrastinating finals on Daveland tonight, I happened upon these 4 concept images of DCA - a sprawling, majestic Grizzly Mountain, an ode to the animation of yesteryear, a non-tacky Condor Flats, and a whole different looking park then what was seen in 2001 (there's not even a California Screaming)!

    So my question is, what happened? How did these concepts get tossed out the window and replaced with something far more lacking?

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    Fear of the unknown.

    They are afraid of new ideas.

    They are loaded with prejudices, not based upon any reality, but based onÖ if something is new, I reject it immediately because itís frightening to me. What they do instead is just stay with the familiar.
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    Re: What ever happened to the original concept of DCA?

    Wow, that would have actually blown my socks off when it opened!

    I guess Eisner got in the way.

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    Re: What ever happened to the original concept of DCA?

    The old DIG covered the devolution of plans pretty well. Imagineering came up with a massive build project after WESTCOT got chucked (presumably after, who knows, may have been in the back pocket anyway), then management started eating it alive. Pressler gets a lot of the blame, though he couldn't have accomplished half the cuts he did without Eisner's signoff.
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    Re: What ever happened to the original concept of DCA?

    I mean, concept art is super cool, but who knows at what stage that concept art was created.

    But as for why we didn't get that version, the answer is simply budget cuts.

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    Re: What ever happened to the original concept of DCA?

    While I get the point you are trying to make, that concept art doesn't look that much better or that much different from what we got. Especially once you take out the fancy and colorful clouds, which presumably Disney wouldn't have been able to "build" given 10 times the money.

    Certainly, the animation section looks pretty nice, but the rest? Meh...

    The bear formation sticking out of the mountain looks ridiculous. At least with what we have, it looks like real rock that resembles a bear head, instead of an obviously fake head sticking randomly out of the side of a mountain. And a waterfall coming out of its mouth? Come on.

    The bright lights of the wharf are completely out of theme. The colorful peninsulas jutting out into the pier are clearly not reminiscent of a real pier, unless that was NOT meant to be a pier at all. And I can't see what you mean about Screamin' not being there. It's not visible off the left side of the first piece of artwork.

    Finally, Condor Flats looks basically the same, except for a moved plane. The Monorail going right over Ruby's Shack looks bad.

    So, the rainbow pier, the fake bear "rock" and the bright lights of the wharf, while colorful, would destroy theme.

    Look, I'm not saying what we got in 2001 wasn't bad, it's just that this artwork is pretty bad too.

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    Re: What ever happened to the original concept of DCA?

    Eisner and Rasulo got in the way and allowed Pressler to sell the ideas off at a mall store. We got what didn't sell on discount.

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    Re: What ever happened to the original concept of DCA?

    Concept drawings are sensationalized to sell a product, not be a true plan to be built.
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    Re: What ever happened to the original concept of DCA?

    The concept is pretty close to what was actually built, considering "building on the cheap" was encouraged.

    Paradise Pier - Eisner insisted in building this area, he thought it would prompt memories for the older generation of the amusement piers of the past (of which he must have had fond memories). I'll desperately attempt to refrain myself from personal commentary of the horrendous outcome. Anyway, when looking at the initial plans, they actually did recognize that fact that there were very few attractions in the early version of DCA, which was definitely a GOOD thing to consider. Unfortunately, that opened up Paradise Pier for off the shelf attractions, and built on the cheap attractions, in order to keep within the meager budget for DCA.

    Grizzly Peak and Condor Flats really don't look too much different. Yeah, the out come for Soarin' building and several of the Hollywood Picture Backlot District looked like ugly square block wall buildings, with little spent on making them look good on the outside. They had to cut expenses somewhere.

    And as mentioned, the Hollywood Pictures backlot District was a great excuse not to dress up several of the building in that areas, including the Hyperion, and the Animation Building, and Hollywood & Dine, among others

    They also struggled with the entry area of DCA. I'm not sure why they didn't go with the huge spire that was suppose to be the major icon for DCA - but their outcome of the entrance looking like an older California Postcard, unfolding as you entered DCA - well the result with the platinum sun, truly showed how much they struggled to come up with something that STILL didn't work. Fortunately, new Disney Management realized how problematic the entry area was, and it became one of the two MAJOR parts of the DCA 1.5 billion makeover.

    and after they had drawn up and divided up the land into its Districts, Michael Eisner insisted in changing the design to add one more area that would be dedicated to telling the Agricultural Farming story of California, . . . .SO . . . . the imagineers had to go back to carve out 15 acres for the Farming area, which ended up being tractors on display a small walk up dining facility, an ice cream shake stand, and a small building that eventually sold pins, a water play area, and a new attraction that was opening with Animal Kingdom, that was the Bug's Life Movie - which according to imagineers fit into the farm area because of the importance of Bug's on a Farm. . . . They were actually happy to get approval to add this, (at that time) new attraction to the DCA opening day plan. They also planned then to have the Mondavi Vineyard right next to the farm area.

    Of course now, the only remnant of Farm area in its original location is the Bug's life theater.

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    Re: What ever happened to the original concept of DCA?

    All I remember of my first visit to DCA in 2001 was that I couldn't believe I was in a Disney theme park. Then I looked and saw that for a single day admission they were expecting folks to play as much for that, as they would a day at Disneyland. And that for years, DCA was the "AP lounge".
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    Re: What ever happened to the original concept of DCA?

    Part of me thinks DCA could really have been great from the start if they hadn't gone the cheap route. That being said, it has evolved to be a good park. Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris TODAY isn't half the park opening day DCA was.

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