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Thread: Fantasmic Fail

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    Re: Fantasmic Fail

    I have seen Murphy the dragon get stuck when the witch was turning into the dragon. There was a lot of smoke!

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    Re: Fantasmic Fail

    This: - A different look at Disney...

    and this
    Murphy just collapsed

    Ahhh it feels like yesterday....

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    Re: Fantasmic Fail

    Quote Originally Posted by Maverick View Post
    Mickey slip and fall in the beginning of the show, so they have to stop and start the show over from the beginning. It's pretty awkward.
    Quote Originally Posted by goren1818 View Post
    I did see a youtube video of this! It got removed
    I believe that happened at WDW, not Disneyland.

    But... this apparently happened 5 years ago and it at Disneyland... Mickey missed his cue at the beginning of the show and they had to restart it.

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