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    April 2013 - Better Late Than Never

    Went to Disneyland & DCA back in April with my family & wanted to share my experience with everybody on here. We had gotten 3-Day (1 park per day) passes, but left around 3:00p on the last day to catch our plane home. My brother has Down Syndrome, so we did get the GAC card, as it was known back then. It was just my brother, mom, dad & myself who went this time. My sister wanted to come, but could not make it.

    Our first day there was on a Monday. The CAL OSHA people had just been there over the weekend & all of those rides were still closed, but it was still pretty packed. It was raining that morning also, but it was a light rain & ended by noon so it was not that bad. We headed first over to DCA to Cars Land & Radiator Springs Racers. RSR was still closed, so we did the other rides & checked out the shops around Cars Land. RSR finally opened around 10:00a. Overall, we really enjoyed how they brought Cars Land to life. The flying tire ride was our least favorite. We ate lunch at the Pacific Wharf Café after that. They had a line out the door, but that did not stop us from waiting for 30 minutes, just to order! The food line can be longer than the line for the ride sometimes. After we ate, we headed to The Little Mermaid, which had no line at all. Personally, I love the ride, but never get that "Under The Sea" feeling that I think Disney wants you to have. After that we headed to Paradise Pier for Jumpin Jelly Fish, Goofy's Sky School, Toy Story Mania & California Screamin. While the rest of the family went on the Fun Wheel, I went back & rode the "no wait" Little Mermaid again. I also had time to see the Green Army Men perform & Phineas & Ferb went cruising by as well. Next he headed to A Bug's Life show, but skipped the rest of the rides in that area. Next we headed for Tower of Terror & Monster's Inc., but mom decided to skip Tower of Terror. Soarin was closed, so headed to Grizzly River Run after that. My mom was getting tired, so she went back to the hotel with my brother, while my dad & I rode RSR & California Screamin once more before we went back to the hotel also. That was all for day 1.

    The final 2 days were spent at Disneyland. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad & Space Mountain were the only 2 rides that were closed while we were there. The Matterhorn was running with only one side open. We started out in Adventureland with Indian Jones ride & then Jungle Cruise before heading to Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain & Winnie the Pooh. Next we headed the Fantasyland for lunch at Village Haus. Next were the rides in Fantasyland before heading to Toontown. Small World was down for "electrical issues", so after visiting Toontown, we tried again & everything seemed to be working just fine. After riding Matterhorn it was already starting to get late, so we decided to head back to the hotel for dinner & relaxation to end day 2. Our 3rd day was spent mainly in Tomorrowland, since we did not go there yesterday. We also rode some of our other favorite rides like Splash Mountain again, before we left at 3p on the last day for the airport. My mom wanted to shop, so we had to allow enough time for her as well.

    In all, we had a great trip, even with CAL OSHA closures! Some rides had a few animatronics not working, but nothing to complain about & honestly, not very noticeable if you did not know they were supposed to be moving/working. We live out of the area & do not get to visit Disneyland that often, so getting the chance to go is always fun. I wish we could have seen more of the shows like World of Color, but we just did not have enough time to do everything we wanted to do & the rest of my family gets tired easily. Both of the parks looked really good & I am hoping that next time we can allow enough time for everything. I need to start saving if I plan on going again once the Star Wars makeover of Tomorrowland is finished or the next "Big" ride is opened, whichever is first.

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    Re: April 2013 - Better Late Than Never

    thank you for writing your trip report. I have a question, how does the curve in RSR compare to what happens on Screamn??. The first time I rode RSR the curve was some what unexpected and a thrill. The second time I rode, my brain was expecting the curve and a somewhat negative impact , like I really don't care to ride again. My son has always wanted me to ride on screamn but I just don't know. I ride everything but Tower and Screamn without any problems. Goofy school is so uncomfortable that all it think about is the physical pain.

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