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    Re: DL n DCA New Parades For Next year

    Quote Originally Posted by Aladdin View Post
    Actually, Soundsational began in May 2011. This summer makes it 4 years running. That is a longer run that the previous parade, Parade of Dreams, (DL's parade for it's 50th ) which ran from May 2005 to Nov 2008. The craptacular CelelebRate A street Party ran during 2009 and 2010. That's right, DL didn't even have a parade during its 55th Birthday in 2010!.

    I didn't relise that the parade was 4 years old. It seems like it's been out for about 2 years.


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    Re: DL n DCA New Parades For Next year

    ORDDU: It's Florida that really needs a new parade for their Magic Kingdom. Fortunately they're getting one in 2014. As for Disneyland, I wouldn't expect anything new for them until the 60th anniversary.

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    Re: DL n DCA New Parades For Next year

    Thank goodness for that! I'm looking forward to the new Parade for WDW's Magic Kingdom. Sadly, they have gone WAY to long between new parades at the other WDW parks, and now DL has the same atrocious management that WDW used to have. It really doesn't give us much hope for a new parade for DL's 60th

    WDW's Magic Kingdom STILL needs a parade to replace Spectromagic. And consider that they have leached off of DL's MSEP not once, BUT TWICE, and then WDW didn't even make sure to house and maintain Spectromagic. Yeah, that's the management DL has, now. BLECCHHHHH!!!!!!!

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