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    Best time to see Holidays

    Planning ahead for a Holiday trip to DLR!!! We've done holiday time before, but are looking at a couple different weeks this time around. Would you suggest going the week PRIOR to Thanksgiving or the week immediately AFTER Thanksgiving? I know weather will be good either time. (Anything to get away from freezing and possibly snow is good in my book) Which typically has the lower crowds? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. TIA!!

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    Re: Best time to see Holidays

    We went during he 2nd week of December this year and it was awesome! We went to DL on Thurs and it got pretty busy by the evening and was packed for fireworks. We spent Friday at DCA and it didn't seem too crowded. Lines were okay except of course for RSR and Toy Story Mania. The first Christmas parade is about a week before Thanksgiving so I would figure that ALL of the decorations are up by then. But I feel like I read somewhere that the hotels don't put up decorations until the day after Thanksgiving and I don't know about Downtown Disney, which is also wonderfully festive during the holdays!

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    Re: Best time to see Holidays

    Usually the holiday aka Christmas time starts the week before Thanksgiving. I've sometimes seen it be busier that week than the first week in December because of the whole "it starts now" effect. Then again, it does depend a lot on weather. Usually weather's fine, but if one week vs the other happens to greyer than usual or rainy, it can totally flip.

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    Re: Best time to see Holidays

    First, the myth about good weather. Sure, it will be better, but visit with low expectations about sunny all day at 75 degrees. If you have poor weather in your north, then weather will be colder in Calif. We visited Dec 6th-13th, when major snow storm hit the PNW. As a result, it was high of 66, windy and chilly when the sun went down. I have visited those weeks you mentioned and it was foggy in the morning till noon.

    Second, the myth about crowds. Any time after Thanksgiving is going to be crowded. There is no off season holiday anymore. Crowds are in relationship to how you hourly schedule your day and what attractions are not running. On our last trip, I was shocked at the number of large family groups all uniformed in clothing, groups of college age students and senior citizens. Wednesday was the only morning that was empty in the park in what resembled off season crowds.

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