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    Re: A Grateful Australian!

    Quote Originally Posted by sediment View Post
    There are private buses that go to Disneyland. I provided two web sites in one of your other threads.
    And, there is still the Red Line to AMTRAK option that allows you to stay all day.
    I'm with sediment on this!!! DONT SABOTAGE YOUR DAY there by settling for bogus in and out times! You've flown all this way to spend lunch in the park? Do whatever it takes to get there when it OPENS (if its DCA you will want that Racers fastpass early or line up AND get a fast pass for a 2nd ride later, if its DL you want those SPace Mtn and INdy Jones passes asap. LAter in the day it just gets too busy and the fast pass system doesn't work to your advantage the way it does when you get there early....etc!)

    GOOD NEWS though that you have your plan sorted. But I'd strongly suggest that you see it as a PLAN B and stlll shoot for a plan A that has you arriving earlier, and leaving MUCH later. (Check park calendar for opening and closing times though! Even if the park closes early it'd be nicer to hang in Downtown Disney for dinner etc rather than race onto the bus to feel hungry for an hour of travel back to WHolywood and THEN have to track down dinner there).

    Just a few more tips, just my opinion. Have a wonderful time!!

    -EDIT- ok me saying they are "bogus in and out times" was a bit harsh sorry, its a fairly good deal but as you note it's a bummer not to stay longer (double check the park calendar though)...just suggest you still look at other transport options cuz it would make a big difference is all. Have a great visit!
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    Re: A Grateful Australian!

    why not just spend the night in one of those cheap motels in Anaheim?
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    Re: A Grateful Australian!

    One more bit of advice: for your trip to Venice Beach I suggest the following:
    1. Get an all-day metro pass. $5, plus $1 for the TAP card.
    2. Take Bus 4 or 704 from Santa Monica and Fairfax all the way to the beach. It will drop you off at Ocean Avenue.
    3. Get yourself something at Hotdog On A Stick, near Santa Monica Pier.
    4. Walk to Venice Beach.
    5. See the sights, the shops, the entertainers.
    6. Walk back to Santa Monica, to Wilshire Blvd. (Two blocks north of Santa Monica Blvd. Warning: they are not always only two blocks away from each other. They actually cross!)
    7. Take Bus 720 from Wilshire and Ocean Blvd, eastbound along Wilshire Blvd, to Westwood Blvd.
    8. Take 761 northbound to Getty Center Drive.
    9. Go to Getty Center. (Free!)
    10. Take Bus 761 Southbound to Wilshire Blvd.
    11. Get on Bus 720 eastbound along Wilshire Blvd to Fairfax.
    12. Walk to Farmers Market and The Grove.
    13. Get on Bus 217 or 218 northbound along Fairfax back to West Hollywood.

    Here's a map!

    Here is a website of all the Metro schedules!
    LA Metro Home | Maps & Timetables

    Here is a site discussing an app that tells you when your next bus will arrive!
    Cubic CTS > Solutions > Real Time Passenger Information > NextBus, Inc.
    "Here You Leave the World of California Today and Enter the World of, um, er, California Today."

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