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    Re: World of Color Returns

    Does anyone remember the recent miceage article that said there would be a revamping of the show in the near future? I can't find the article now but I remember it saying something about Steve Davison planning a major upgrade for the show.

    I wonder if the real reason they haven't replaced Brave or added the new Screamin lights is because they are waiting to debut a brand new version of WoC?
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    Re: World of Color Returns

    I also heard of a revamp coming along for WOC due out in May

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    Re: World of Color Returns

    I believe the biggest reason behind the lack of changes to WOC is that Steve Davison has been busy with a lot of other projects right now (Festival of Fantasy in WDW, Paint the Night in HKDL, and he's posted on Facebook about doing other work in HK and Shanghai) and simply hasn't been available to come play with WOC. From what I've seen, WOC is Steve's baby, and there likely wouldn't be any major changes to the show (like new effects or show scene additions/subtractions) without Steve's involvement. I believe that once he has a chance to come back to the States and dedicate some time to it, we'll see some new changes to WOC.
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    Re: World of Color Returns

    Quote Originally Posted by LD1984 View Post
    I was really hoping for the original (non Brave, or Pirates 4) version back. Oh well...
    I think most of is want this. I miss the entire villains segment with Chernabog and the Firebird.

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