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    Re: Did you ever stop and wonder what is it that maybe you love DL because of....

    Some rides feel more "Disney" than others, but I feel like quite a few post-Walt rides capture the magic(Splash, BTMRR, Space Mountain) Some of the rides from the 50s and 60s are really showing their age and the park would be better without them(Storybookland Canals, Autopia.) Some updated attractions based on originals really fail to be worth saving (Subs, Astro Orbiter,) Some attractions that do not really feel "Disney" are still pretty awesome and I wouldnt want them to go away (Star Tours, Indy.)

    We can all argue until we are blue in the face and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    The great thing about Disneyland is that it can mean something different to everyone.

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    Re: Did you ever stop and wonder what is it that maybe you love DL because of....

    Another great and valid point... Autopia is an original, but if it was properly replaced I wouldn't mind saying goodbye to it. The Storybookland boats, OTOH.. I rarely ride them, but it's just reassuring to watch them there. It's as if part of my childhood is safe. Weird, huh?

    I guess driving a car is something I do everyday, but being eaten by Monstro is completely out of the ordinary. I don't know.

    One thing's for sure - if they take out Autopia and do something Star Wars related, I'm going to be pretty angry! I don't care about the little cars, but I'd rather have a Walt original ride than something that doesn't belong in the park! Funny how our mind works, sometimes.

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    Re: Did you ever stop and wonder what is it that maybe you love DL because of....

    This is a great thread.
    There are many reasons why I love Disneyland and will continue to love it.
    Sure, I love the rides and attractions, as well all do.
    But, Disneyland is where it All started. The magic continues to live in this park. I love the feeling that I get when I walk down Main Street and think about how Walt walked it many times. Or how this place continually makes dreams come true for so many people. I just Love to people watch in Disneyland. It melts my heart a little.

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    Re: Did you ever stop and wonder what is it that maybe you love DL because of....

    One of main reasons i love going to Disneyland is that it brings out the kid in me. Once I go through the turnstiles, I enter another world and the little kid emerges and i have the time of my life
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    Re: Did you ever stop and wonder what is it that maybe you love DL because of....

    Walt was an expert at storytelling and the parks are the tangible, interactive manifestation of his genius in placemaking. He didn't build coasters and kiddie rides that offered nothing to the imagination. Most every ride was a closed-ended narrative adventure.

    Much has been written on how Disneyland (and all of Disney's later parks, for that matter) was designed to pull you further into the space and reward exploration with carefully placed pay-off elements.

    Walt had, especially through his library of filmed entertainment, conditioned us to respond in a certain way to his placemaking efforts. Main Street U.S.A. feels instantly familiar and brings pangs of nostalgia for a place or places most of us have never known first-hand.

    It is time-travel to an idealized version of a "better" time in history that forces guests to quickly suspend disbelief and dive into fantasy as we are confronted with a medieval castle in the distance.

    I know that I'm being manipulated with sights, sounds and smells when I enter one of the parks, but it doesn't dilute the emotional experience in any way. Walking under the berm into Magic Kingdom is a much more emotional experience for me now than when I did so in Disneyland as a child. It is almost like a feeling of relief when I come return to my childhood "home" and some of it has to do with my memories of going to the park with my parents as a child.

    I don't really subscribe to the idea that Walt was the only one who could pull off the type of placemaking that could stand the test of time. Attractions that came after his tenure that I love as much as the originals?

    Big Thunder Mountain, Haunted Mansion, America Sings, Expedition Everest, Hollywood Tower of Terror, PhilharMagic and Splash Mountain all came after Walt.
    ~ Erik

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