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    Question Land Dedications?

    After a long hiatus from MiceChatting, LiTtLeMeRmAiD is back! Those of you ancient original members may recall a thread or two of mine...

    ANYWAY, I'm doing a little research for business/pleasure regarding--you guessed it--Disneyland! Aren't we all starving for more scarcely known Disney tidbits? Of course. In this case, I'm looking for a little help surrounding Disneyland Land Dedications. You're pretty out of the loop if you're not familar with the land dedication speeches Walt made upon opening each of the original lands. Heck, I bet a good percentage of us can RECITE most of them from memory. But I'm looking for any sort of dedication speech or plaque for the lands that were added post-opening: NOS, Critter Country, and Mickey's Toontown.

    I live in NorCal and don't get the opportunity to do my own sleuthing at the parks, but if some of you could help me out with non-original land dedications, I'd be super grateful. Thanks!
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    Re: Land Dedications?

    I realize that you are asking for land dedications which i can't think of any, but these may or may not help: there is a flag pole at the entrance of fronteirland which is a thank you from the humane soceity thanking walt disney. Nothing in toon town except for the sign reading: Landmark 3 1/2. Fantasyland has the sword in the stone plaque as well as the small world/world's fair plaque. Tomorowland has the plaque at the entrance on the stone sculpture. Main Street has the 40th annev. time capsule. NOS has Lafitte's anchor and the POTC Wall plaque.

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