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    starcade upstairs???

    what has been going on with the starcade i havent been in the park since it rains everyday?? anyone seen it or have any info? thanks

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    The Starcade reopened after a short paint. The upstairs is still vacant.

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    There is a similar thread with possiblities for the upstairs I think an overwhelming amount of people would like to see a high calaber east side restraunt with a fun sci-fi theme put upstairs or used as expansion space for new rides or even a Star Tours expansion in the event George Lucas and matt Quimet and Bog Iger can iron out a new deal.

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    I like the idea of putting a really nice restaurant up there although it is most likely impossible from a logisitics standpoint. Restaurants require very specal setups and the current Health codes could be too much of a hassle to deal with. Still a great idea though.

    Whatever they do, I hope they'll keep those murals intact. Every time I walk past that area and look up, it still reminds me of when I was a kid and used to hang out at the Starcade with my friends.
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