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    Talking Funny Weird Dream About MiceChat and Disneyland BTMR

    I just had to brought this up, When I was sleeping I had a dream I was on Micechat about one post stating Thunder Mountain Cast Member preview ride through video leaked showing the new scenes and new effects but the cast member got fired because of the upload on youtube. But I didn't care I was so excited to see what they done to the ride since they closed for so darn long, then suddenly I saw confetti and cowboys shooting in my family room, (where my computer is located). Then suddenly I started the video but i coudn't see it because it was filmed in secret and blurry. Then there was Fishbulb profile page in hologram next to me saying, looks like your dreaming again Clayton. Then I woke up in disapointment.

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    Re: Funny Weird Dream About MiceChat and Disneyland BTMR

    Hahah, that's too funny! I've been dreaming about Big Thunder finally opening back up too /sigh

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    Re: Funny Weird Dream About MiceChat and Disneyland BTMR

    HA! That is great! I love it! Thanks for sharing!

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    Re: Funny Weird Dream About MiceChat and Disneyland BTMR

    I was there today, watching the trains...I'm so ready for it to open! I did the wheelhouse of the mark twain today for a good view and was chatting with the CM and he said they are currently running 2 trains, which will eventually get up to 3, then 4, then 5 until they open. He also said they have been telling CMs that it will open sometime this year, which is better than the no end date they had been getting. I pointed out the "early 2014" signs and he took that for early, as in the morning. Ha ha. I know it's a totally unreliable source, but that's the chatter around the park today...

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    Re: Funny Weird Dream About MiceChat and Disneyland BTMR

    I recently had a Disney dream this week as well. But I was one of the first to ride the Dwarves Mine Coaster in WDW. The train kept flying off the tracks. Of course my dream would be twisted in some sort of way... *sigh*

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