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    Rededication Ceremony?

    Hey im going to DL friday and wanna know if anyone can tell me what the ceremony is and what time they do it at? ive been wanting to see it but never get there early enough. this friday we plan on being there at opening time tho.

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    Re: Rededication Ceremony?

    Huh? I thought they only did the rededication on the actual 50th.

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    If you go to my New Year's Eve trip report and scroll down a bit, I've got information and pictures from the rededication. I had thought it was at 10am, but I believe it's at 10:30 normally. It's a nice little ceremony, worth going to.

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    Re: Rededication Ceremony?

    I usually ask at city hall, but 10:30 sounds right. After it ends the characters take photos. It's a good time to catch Donald Duck(he always seems to be the hardest to find!)

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