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    Re: Has disney abandoned the dlr

    CarsLand is so fourteen months ago. The 60th is coming up. Let them have all the construction walls down for five minutes and then we can talk about going back to the drawing board on Tomorrowland or whatever will take the "stagnation" crowd out of their funk.
    ~ Erik

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    Re: Has disney abandoned the dlr

    I think they need to step up their advertising. In the early days Walt Disney's Disneyland series got the public excited about the park. Major additions and anniversaries all had their own TV specials. I still remember watching a grand opening special for EuroDisney. Indy had a Super Bowl halftime show. Roseanne and the TGIF shows used to do special episodes in WDW once a season.

    Now they seem to rely mostly on social media and local news. There is no Wonderful World of Disney and the Disney Channel (which spent most of the 80s making me really want to go to EPCOT Center) is now mostly tween comedies. The last two advertising campaigns for major additions were pretty much the same: Darth Vader wandering around Disneyland for Star Tours and then Buzz Lightyear wandering around DCA for Cars Land.

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