So an old group of friends of mine all have AP's. We affectionately call ourselves the Jew Crew (well because we're all Jewish, but I digress). We've been planing this trip for a number of months, and were even thinking of going two days, but alas, work got in the way for some and we only attended Sunday.

We go so often that we made an effort not to go on rides, and get as many pictures as possible. Now, please sit back, and enjoy the story of our day!

We arrived in the early afternoon (around 1pm). Parking was closed for Mickey and Friends so they sent us to the Convention Center. Personally I was happy with this as it was a lot closer to walk than any other parking lot! But we were't sad! No! We were at Disneyland! There's no crying at Disneyland!
We had to get a picture while waiting at the light, others were taking shots of us as well throughout the day!
We came in through The Grand California! There was no line to get in, and bag check was a breeze! We garbed some WoC fastpasses and some shots!

Once we were in the park we headed for the only logical place, Buena Vista Street!

Had to grab the morning paper!
The girls got a few shots as well!

We then got a group shot with fearless leader, and his human handler!
After that we went and got food at the Pacific Wharf, but who wants to see us eat?

We then headed to Carsland and got a few pics in front of Flo's!
After a ride on the greatest ride Disney has ever created (RsR), we headed off to ToonTown!

Toontown was one of two destinations I insisted we hit. It happens to be my favorite land in all of Disneyland (Buena Vista Street is my favorite at Cali Adventure).
There are some pictures missing as my friend has yet to upload them from his camera, but here's our adventure!

And now for my favorite picture of the day! There were quit a few groups who wanted us to stay where we were so they could grab a picture as well!
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We had enough of Toontown and took a ride on the Matterhorn. After that is time to head to dinner where we had reservations at the Golden Valley Winery. It was decent for the price, and a lot of food. Would I go back...maybe.

We then decided we needed some pictures of Carsland at night!
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(sorry for the quality)

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(sorry for the quality)

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We left Carsland and headed back to Dland, but not before we had to get a few more pictures in Hollywoodland!
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We got back into Dland and took two iconic pictures:
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We went to the Haunted Mansion to grab one last picture...
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And that was our trip!

We had a blast and can't wait to do it again!

We'll see you all at the park!