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    Re: Interesting Article About The Un-Gangs/Social Clubs Of Disneyland

    Quote Originally Posted by jawknee View Post
    Unsafe from a sleeveless denim jacket? Does it have a gun attached to it and is it pointing to your temple? LOL

    That's great that YOU don't need to dress a certain way to enjoy the parks but maybe they want to -- is anyone getting hurt? Nope. So let them have their fun.

    I'm not fond of the Disney social clubs but I'm also not fond of couples that wear "I'm HERS/HIS" with the Mickey glove pointing to the right t-shirts -- it's all really lame to me, but I'm in no way in favor of banning them from the parks.

    agreed with your comments there. the article came out as judgemental which is wrong sometimes. and it is a messed up thing to say. oh its the oc weekly article. lol. crazy writers.

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    Re: Interesting Article About The Un-Gangs/Social Clubs Of Disneyland

    Quote Originally Posted by Disneyland 1951 View Post
    Bar Rescue TV program episode "On the Rocks" covered a local Southern California Bar. One of the problems was a "Social Club" that called themselves "O Dark Thirty". They considered themselves loyal customers who spent money just like others, were not really a MC club, just a drinking social club that liked to wear matching MC Vests in a bar. What could be wrong with like minded customers gathering at their favorite bar dressed like a MC gang?

    Just their appearance, MC gang attire, vests, and tatoos, drove away many customers. To keep the bar from going broke, Jon Taffer had the employee member of the "Club" fired and banned anyone wearing MC Vests. Was he right?

    Their appearance drove away customers from a Bar, but should be welcome in a Family Park!!!
    I don't know....
    On the other side of the coin, you've got bikers like the ones in this article. The goal of their club is to make abused children feel safe.

    Overwhelming public response to Bikers Against Child Abuse

    If someone is intimidated by behavior, it's one thing. If they're just intimidated by the way someone looks, and the person hasn't done a dang thing to them or anyone else...that's a slippery slope, isn't it?

    From the article: I believe that people can change the way they think about a group of people and look past the black leather and tattoos to see the good.
    I believe that what people do speaks volumes more than how they look.
    Merida looks like this. Not a Barbie doll!

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    Re: Interesting Article About The Un-Gangs/Social Clubs Of Disneyland

    I saw a new one yesterday, "The Frozeneers" #smh

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    Re: Interesting Article About The Un-Gangs/Social Clubs Of Disneyland

    Andy Castro @21royalstreet 3h

    What will Disneyland Social Clubs do when So Cal passes glow away forever?

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