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    World of Color.....what happens when its raining???

    Looks like we are going to have rain this weekend! Does World of Color still go rain or shine?


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    Re: World of Color.....what happens when its raining???

    Generally yes. If it is a super down pour it could be cancelled. Crazy hard rain effected the projections and ruins the show so they cancel it. Same with Fantasmic.

    If there happens to be lightening, it will get canceled.

    If we get a lot of wind too, if it blows toward the viewing area, you can get super drenched also.
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    Re: World of Color.....what happens when its raining???

    I watched the show in a downpour and got soaked in the front with a poncho on. Unless there is severe wind or lightning, I believe the show still goes on. Its cool because the rain and lasers mix to make unexpected new effects

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    Re: World of Color.....what happens when its raining???

    I would guess that the colors would run. It's a somewhat new show after all.
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    Re: World of Color.....what happens when its raining???

    I've watched it in the pouring rain before, my advice is that if you have glasses, WEAR CONTACTS!!
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