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When I was at the park today I noticed a bunch of men and women in suits going through the exhibit. There didn't seem to be any trains cycling through the ride, but there was one parked in the station. The group was discussing things on the platform.

I got a few photos. One VERY interesting thing is that it appears that they didn't change the lap bar configuration in the trains after all. Also, from what I could see, the town is back as promised!! I didn't get a photo of it (the CMs were letting people take photos freely but I couldn't get a good shot) but if you look closely on the left in the second photo, behind the people, you can see the top of one of the buildings.
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I'm so happy they didn't change the seating arrangement on the trains. I thought they might be switching them to something similar to Space Mountain, which would have totally ruined the ride experience. Not that I don't like how the seating is on SM, it's just that for me theme-wise it wouldn't work on this ride.