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    Question Pickles, Soda, and Sandwiches?

    Where in Disneyland can I buy a pickle or soda or sandwich? I remember I bought a soda and pickle years ago and brought my own sandwich and chips. But don't remember whee I got the pickle does anyone know if DL sells pickles?

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    Re: Pickles, Soda, and Sandwiches?

    yeah they do its at tropical imports next to the Jungle Cruise.

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    Re: Pickles, Soda, and Sandwiches?

    You can also get pickles on Main Street, Fantasy Land at the fruit carts

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    Re: Pickles, Soda, and Sandwiches?

    They sell pickles at the little outdoor vending location that is just past Splash Mountian. I believe they are also sold in Cars Land.
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    Re: Pickles, Soda, and Sandwiches?

    You can get "traditional" sandwiches over at the Jolly Holiday Bakery on Main Street and there is a pickle cart nearby, I think on Center street.
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    Re: Pickles, Soda, and Sandwiches?

    We used to sell them on pretzel carts, but I don't know if that's still the case. The pretzel carts are:

    1. By the Mark Twain loading dock
    2. In front of Innoventions
    3. New Orleans Square (not sure that one exists anymore)
    4. Small World Mall
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