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    How much are attraction posters at the park?

    While I've been to Disneyland many times, I never knew that they sold attraction posters (I've never bothered trying to visit the Disney Gallery since all my friends want to do is ride the attractions and my mom has a vendetta against souvenirs) until after my last trip.

    I've seen places online that sold attraction posters, but they sell for extraordinarily high prices. I don't know if I should take a dive and order them online or wait until my next trip to buy one at the park.

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    Re: How much are attraction posters at the park?

    My posters (Jungle Cruise and The Haunted Mansion) were each $35. They come matted and aren't huge normal poster size. I thought you could buy them without the matted border, and print it from various machines around the park, but I'm not sure. I've seen them on the web...they're are marked up I believe.

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    Re: How much are attraction posters at the park?

    and they are $85 if you want them framed.
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    Re: How much are attraction posters at the park?

    I bought a Matterhorn poster some years ago. I cant remember exactly how rmuch I paid. It was either $49.99 or $65.00. I called the 1-800 number and purchased it directly since they were selling for more on ebay. The one I bought was full size. I think its 54"X37". The framing was real expensive.

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