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Thread: Got the job!

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    Re: Got the job!

    Quote Originally Posted by marron-cream
    No, they're not.
    Yes they are.

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    Re: Got the job!

    Quote Originally Posted by MaleficentFan
    ^ Interesting! Thanks for sharing that.

    I didn't know anyone had died on the peoplemover. o_O
    A couple (maybe a few) have died on PeopleMover. It was their own fault though. I believe one of them was during a Grad Nite, and I think the others were during normal operating hours. What was happening was during the ride, some idiots (yes, idiots) decided they were going to climb out of their train cars, and jump into the next one (for whatever reason). Well they wouldnt make it, and fall between the cars, get caught between the car and track, and well, you know what happens from there. The cars would come to a halt due to the jam of the body, and the cars would have to be taken apart, and lifted off to get to the dead body underneath (which wasnt in one piece I might add). Pretty sad, but hey, if you sacrifice your safety to be an idiot, thats your bad. I show no pity for morons.

    Taken from a website that lists deaths at Theme parks:

    "August 1967: Ricky Lee Yama, a 17-year-old Hawthorne, CA, resident, was killed when he disregarded safety instructions and exited his People Mover car as the ride was passing through a tunnel. Yama slipped as he was jumping from car to car and was crushed to death beneath the wheels of oncoming cars."

    "7 June 1980: Gerardo Gonzales, a recent San Diego high school graduate, was killed on the People Mover in an accident much like the one that had befallen Ricky Lee Yama thirteen years earlier. Gonzales, in the early morning hours of a Grad Nite celebration, was climbing from car to car as the People Mover entered the SuperSpeed Tunnel adjacent to the former America Sings building. Gonzales stumbled and fell onto the track, where an oncoming train of cars crushed him beneath its wheels and dragged his body a few hundred feet before being stopped by a ride operator."

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    Re: Got the job!


    I do have one piece of advice. Find something in the parks that you love, something that represents what Disney Magic is for you. Whenever you start to feel run down (and you will, it is just like any job) Go to that place in the parks and experience it. As you are feeling the magic pumping in your blood remember: You are now a part of it all.


    St. Elizabeth, Patron Saint of Themed parks. Protect us from break downs, long lines, and used gum. Amen.

    "Dance like it hurts, love like you need money, and work when people are watching" - Dogbert

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