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I link arms/hold hands with my husband and daughter. It's not to get around any faster, it's so we do not get separated. My husband walks really fast and my daughter goes slow, so when I don't hang on to both someone easily gets swept away in the crowd. I do try to keep us in a single file line though, to try to make it easier for people to navigate past us.
I do the same thing but only when it's really, really crazy. Trust me, I'd rather not because it can be dangerous to those around us but mostly to us. However, after genuinely losing a family member in the park before I don't take any chances anymore.

As for what drives me crazy: destroying the family friendly atmosphere.

That includes foul language, inappropriate apparel, PDA, out of control children (which encourages bad behavior), and just general misconduct or rule breaking. I just wish people would take a few moments to see the parks in the eyes of a child. Would you want their first memories of the park to be of f-bombs, exposed breasts, and those two grown-ups sucking face in line? It comes down to this: from my 4 year old goddaughter to my 69 year old father, this park is supposed to be a place where families of all ages could have fun together. That was Walt's dream. I don't think it's asking too much to respect that.