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    Question Walt Disney Biopic in Disneyland?

    Why has there never been a Walt Disney biopic film? Or at the very least, a biopic film focusing on Walt Disney's struggles and challenges to build Disneyland? The film could only be shown in the Disneyland theatre where they show Lincoln's speech if it might be too controversial to the general public.

    There has been a biopic about John Nash and the film is A Beautiful Mind.

    A biopic about Howard Hughes was made and the film is The Aviator.

    Here's a YouTube link to Walt Disney documentary: Secret Lives: Walt Disney (23 Feb 1995) - YouTube

    Here's a mock-up biopic poster found on the web:

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: Walt Disney Biopic in Disneyland?

    I've always been surprised that no one has jumped on this. I'd go see it.
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    Re: Walt Disney Biopic in Disneyland?

    Such a film could be made by Sony and not give a crap about controversy.
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    Re: Walt Disney Biopic in Disneyland?

    There was One Man's Dream hosted by Michael Eisner (who did an outstanding job, btw) that used to show over at DCA, but that's the only thing that I know of. I think it might actually still be showing at WDW.
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    Re: Walt Disney Biopic in Disneyland?

    There's a new indie film in pre release now called "As Dreamers Do." Here's a youtube link to the trailer if you are interested...

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