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Thread: Lifetime pass?

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    Lifetime pass?

    Hi guys,

    I am trying to figure something out for my grandma and I heard this was THE place for Disney info. Hope someone here can point me in the right direction. Here's the story

    My great grandfather was an editor for Walt Disney way back when (1949 or before), Walt was also a friend of his. In fact, My dad was given a banjo, by my great grandfather, that Walt drew Steamboat Willie on - which Walt had given to my great grandfather. But that is another story . When Disneyland first opened, the people who had attended on the opening day, or maybe a day before, we're given these "lifetime passes". My grandmother and her brother had received one each. She had lost whatever it is that she was given as this "lifetime pass". Kids and their ability to lose good stuff, right?! Anyway, is there a record of who got them? Is there anyway to reunite her with this? My great grandfather died about 20 years ago, my great grandmother has just recently passed and her brother passed a few years back. I thought I would partake on this journey to bring back a happy memory to her.

    If there is a better place on this forum to direct the question, please let me know. I figured this was the obvious place to start. Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Lifetime pass?

    At some point, you are going to have to contact the company. Best place to start would most likely be Disneyland itself as it deals with Disneyland. I don't think regular guest relations is the ideal place to start, though it might work its way up from there.

    Something Team Disney Anaheim related maybe? Others may have more specific information, but I'm willing to bet contacting someone in the managerial level at the resort is the best place to start this. You never know... a simple call to guest relations could get transferred pretty easily. I doubt this is a call they have ever had to deal with before so it may get upgraded pretty quick to a manager who could get you in touch with the right people.

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    Re: Lifetime pass?

    Waiting for Godot

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    Re: Lifetime pass?

    Good idea mycroft16.

    Don't expect it to be simple but get passed along until someone in Disney has access to old records.
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    Re: Lifetime pass?

    Sounds like a challenge for the PBS show "History Detectives." If it smelled like coffee I might be able to find it for you. The very best of luck.
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