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    Re: My wife is pregnant

    First of all, congratulations! How exciting!

    You can check on the Disneyland website for a complete list of rides that she should be able to enjoy. The Fantasyland rides should all be fine, as they are more of the "tamer" rides. There are also signs posted outside on each attraction that could pose a health risk to pregnant women or people with heart problems. You can absolutely bring snacks and water into the parks. We always bring snacks and plenty of water into the park, and never have a problem.

    If I could make a suggestion to you guys, if she ends up not being able to ride very many attractions, enjoy some of the many shows and entertainment that they have at the parks. Disneyland has the hilarious Laughing Stock Co. at the Golden Horseshoe, Captain E.O., Soundsational parade, fireworks spectacular, Fantasmic!, Innoventions building where you can play video games, etc. California Adventure has the very cute "It's Tough to be a Bug!" show in the theater, the amazing Aladdin musical spectacular in a theater, World of Color, Pixar Play parade, and the Off The Page building (I think that's what it's called) where you can hang out and draw and explore. These may even be better options if it is quite hot outside, and most of these buildings are air conditioned, so that you guys can catch a break.

    Hope you guys have a wonderful time!!!

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    Re: My wife is pregnant

    Quote Originally Posted by ScottG View Post
    Me too!
    At first I was afraid there was going to be some Finger pointing.

    As the father of a severely disabled child, I would suggest staying away from any vigorous rides - no matter what a Dr. Says.
    You never want to be in a position where you look back and wonder.
    That was kept me from not taking any risks. Rides like Splash Mountain are not recommended for pregnant women based on the risk of an emergency stop - which would be sudden and could hurt. I've ridden the ride a ton of times, and SO wanted to take a photo on it for birth announcements, but I would never have been able to live with myself after if something *did* happen that could have been prevented had I just not gone on the ride.

    As a fan of the more "thrill" rides, it was not easy for me to walk by Tower of Terror, Space Mountain, etc, and know I couldn't ride them, but I just told myself the baby's safety had to come first. That priority far outweighed me going on a ride that had any potential to harm her, and I knew I could always come back again later.

    Disneyland does have a list of rides that expected mothers are suggested to avoid. As another said, it's a liability and you're likely okay, but why risk it?

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