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    New to this App, I have questions

    I just downloaded this app and don't really know how to navigate. Is there a way to look up descriptions of the rides/attractions? I have a toddler and want to know more about what is appropriate for his age. Thanks!

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    Re: New to this App, I have questions

    What app are you talking about?

    Look at this link.

    You can sort it by Age, and Ride height by selecting from the boxes near the top of the list.
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    Re: New to this App, I have questions

    I assume you got here though a link in the MouseAddict App? That is a useful app for monitoring wait times in lines and finding things on their map (restrooms are the most useful). They do have the menus for restaurants, but as far as I know they don't have any ride descriptions. The link in the previous post is where you will get that information. you can also look for YouTube videos of the rides.

    For a toddler (under 3), it will depend somewhat on their fears and comprehension. Infants have no problem with most rides, but as a child matures and their understanding of the world improves, they develop more complex fears. So, taking a 1 year old on a spooky ride like haunted mansion would be fine, but taking a 3 year old on that same ride might be a very bad idea.

    For Disneyland the favorite rides for the 1-3 year old's were mostly in Fantasyland:

    Its a Small World (may be closed for renovation when you go)
    the train,
    Casey Jones circus train
    Storyland Canal boats
    The Carousel
    Peter Pan
    Tea Cups

    Beware Snow White, they don't call it the scary adventures for nothing. Mr. Toad is almost as bad.

    They may also like meeting the characters. They are more likely to enjoy characters without masks like the princesses and fairies. They may be nervous around the ones like Micky that have their faces covered. You can test that by finding some of those characters out in the open and seeing if your child wants to get closer before committing to waiting in line for a picture.

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