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    Re: Line cutting - Why does it seem worse these days ?

    Quote Originally Posted by KellyMcG86 View Post
    I like that idea - or at least send them to the back of the line since I'm not sure how easy it would be to identify the kids through multiple shifts and keep them totally off the ride.
    That's a good point - they switch CMs so much at the entrances that there would be no way to really keep them away for the entire day. Not getting to ride and being sent back to the beginning of a one or two hour line would be enough of a punishment to get the message across for a lot of kids, though...
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    Re: Line cutting - Why does it seem worse these days ?

    I mentiond this before in the other threads, but I'll say it again: Disneyland is the only local theme park I'm aware of that doesn't have an official policy. The other parks (KBF, USH, SFMM) have rules and consequences posted. I've even seen it enforced at Universal when security pulled a guy out of the line for The Mummy while he was trying to catch up to his group. I think by not posting rules they send out the message that this is OK. That doesn't mean this behavior doesn't exist outside Disneyland, but I think there is a certain portion of the population that only do it because they rationalize that it is OK since there isn't a rule against it. I've seen plenty of websites advising people to send their family to X ride while having one member of the group go collect RSR, WoC, and other FastPasses. FYI, Hong Kong Disneyland does have clearly posted rules about holding spots in line (the signs have the 7 dwarves on them).

    To be honest, 1-2 people catching up to a group doesn't bother me that much as long as they are polite about it. I once had a guy probably 20 people behind his wife in Haunted Mansion just loudly complaining about how he wishes people would get out of his way so he could catch up to his wife. I think if he had asked nicely people would have just let him through but instead he was just talking loudly hoping people would get the message. His wife ended up just letting people pass her until he caught up.

    The place where I see excessive cutting are the tram and bag check lines. I really wish Disney would organize an actual queue.

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    Re: Line cutting - Why does it seem worse these days ?

    I will point out that at Aladdin, the Musical Spectacular, they do not let you hold spots in the queues. I assume this is because they need a totally accurate head count in order to fill each level of the theatre, and so many people try to have one or two people camp out there and have their families join them later.
    But it takes a lot of effort for them to enforce this. They make announcements on the loudspeaker every 10 minutes about it. If you arrive and say "oh, my party is up there in the first section", they will tell you that you can either go to the section they are now loading and sit apart from your party, or your party can get out of line and come join you in the new section. If a while party is already in line and someone has to pee, they have a little bathroom pass you can ask for that can help you get back into them, but you all have to had entered together in the first place. And once you get into the theatre, there is absolutely no saving seats, even for one or two minutes.
    I have seen many, many people get into it with the CMs there about this stuff. They work very hard and clearly have a lot of patience trying to explain and uphold this practice. As it is a theatre with a show that is not constantly running and is often very busy, I see the necessity for it! But I cannot imagine similar practices being done at other rides without great effort and many, many angry parties resulting.

    On the other active thread with this topic, I said that lines are self-policing in order to work as a concept, and I'll reiterate that here.
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    Re: Line cutting - Why does it seem worse these days ?

    First, sort of a general observation; ever notice how just about EVERY problem with DL is a direct result of overcrowding?

    The solutions are fairly simple, either cut back on crowds or increase the capacity of the park. or both.

    To get back to the actual topic though, I wonder what effect visible uniformed security personnel would have on line-cutting.

    Of course, this would be pretty much useless if there isn't some sort of official policy against line-cutting........

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