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    Re: What changes would you like to see be made to Critter Country?

    I don't want to see Pooh go, but I would love to see them change it to be more in line with the version in Tokyo where it uses a trackless ride system. Seems a lot more fun than the ride as it currently is. As for another ride, is there space?!
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    Re: What changes would you like to see be made to Critter Country?

    Quote Originally Posted by mondo View Post
    Winnie the Pooh ride needs to get updated like the trackless version.

    Some kind of a boat transportation from the entrance off CC to Frontierland. Is there space near the canoes? The other dock could be near the old Cascade Peaks site.Would a CC/FL transportation cause more people into CC than out?

    I have a weird idea. For an expansion, they clone Grizzly Gulch's BGMRMC. But instead of a mountain setting it is a hilly forest, and instead of 'real' bears it is the Country Bears. There is a big switchback queue room with several small stages, with an AA bear performer in each. The bear band, The Five Bear Rugs, has the largest stage and Terri hangs on a swing in the center. They all sing songs while the quests are in line. On the ride "The Great Outdoors" is played as the on-vehicle soundtrack. You also pass by a snoring Rufus, then Buff,Max,Melvin at the top of the backwards drop, and then finally the Five Bear Rugs at the climax drop.
    I don't think that would really work. BGMRMC is basically their version of Big Thunder, so adding a second, foresty Big Thunder to Critter Country seems like a needless addition. Now, you could always do a smaller coaster, in the vein of the Seven Dwarves Mine Ride.

    PS, I'm not saying bring that ride into Critter Country (if that ride has to come to the DLR, it should be rethemed to the Gold Rush and put in Grizzly Peaks), but more the incorporation of animatronics and slow sections to make a thrilling version of a dark ride.

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