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    SoCal Pass

    Hey, is the So Cal Pass the same as a Deluxe AP as far as being good a year long from purchase date? My Daughter is attending CSU Long Beach, so she should qualify (in second semester), right? TIA.
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    Re: SoCal Pass

    All Disneyland annual passes are good for 365 days after day they are activated. Deluxe and SoCal passes have different blackout dates, but neither are good for one year from the first day the pass is used.

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    Re: SoCal Pass

    The difference between Deluxe and So Cal (the better of the two So Cal APs) is 100 days of Disneyland. (315 days vs. 215 days)

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    Re: SoCal Pass

    The OP is referring to the So Cal AP, not the So Cal Resident ticket, right?

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