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    Walking under Pirates past food storage/kitchens

    In the following backstage evacuation video, POTC guests walk out of the back show building, around the outside of the building, go under the DLRR tracks and then enter the front show building, down a long hallway past food storage and finally come up and out by the NOS bathrooms.

    My question is, what is the exact path they take within the POTC front show building? They are paralleling the DLRR tracks, but are they in the actual POTC show building or in that annex connected to the show building between it and the DLRR tunnel? And I assume they are on a level over the POTC tunnels that connect the show buildings, but still lower than ground level?

    Here's the video:

    And here's a Google Maps image of the area. Green rectangle is 5:26 of the video, just after exiting the tunnel under the DLRR. Red rectangle is 8:06 as they exit into the NOS bathrooms area.

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    Re: Walking under Pirates past food storage/kitchens

    We got evacuated from Pirates once. We were going through the transition tunnel between the "gold rooms" and the fighting scene. We went through the Blue Bayou kitchen. It was actually quite fun!

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    Re: Walking under Pirates past food storage/kitchens

    wow that is great stuff.

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    Re: Walking under Pirates past food storage/kitchens

    Looks a lot different than the mansion, which I got evac'ed off of not too long ago. For anyone wondering, it literally is a long hallway with just walls with black paint and an occasional sign here and there to help find you way. I did see the back of the lightning scene for the portrait corridor but that's it, it's definitely worth seeing once but other than that, nothing special.

    As for the Pirates, that's cool that they got to go the LONG way around, took much longer to evac them then it did on Mansion, interesting that the CM's had to get IN the water to push the boats up to a safe unload area.
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    Re: Walking under Pirates past food storage/kitchens

    Well, I used to know that area really well, but I'm sure things have changed. The bottom floor is where the Blue Bayou kitchen is, along with some CM restrooms, a few emergency exit doors for Pirates and a few offices. Then there used to be a cast member restaurant called the Westside Diner that had a very light 50's theme to it. That was the place CM's could get leftover cold Monte Cristo's for $0.75 after 4pm or so. Then you take the nasty cargo elevator that looks like it hasn't been cleaned since 1955 up three stories to the CM entrance by the restrooms. If you took the elevator up one more floor you'd be at Club 33. That is all that I am aware of that is down there. It's basically all underneat the Royal St shops from a park perspective.
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