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    Re: Country Bears at DCA

    Quote Originally Posted by TFN5459 View Post
    I agree. While Walt Disney World doesn't get much traffic in their Tiki Room or Country Bears, I have yet to be at Disneyland on a day when the Tiki Room is not full every show. Seeing as how Disneyland is down to one AA show and its popularity, I think DCA could benefit from one as well. They don't have much room to expand and an AA show like the Tiki room doesn't have that large of a footprint so it's definitely feasible.
    Because of its smaller size (and the fact that you could build down if you wanted to) you have options for placing the show, including under the Monorail track next to the Grand Californian, in an arena under Grizzly Peak, and Redwood Creek Trail.

    I'm not opposed to AA shows in the slightest; my biggest problem with them is, because they don't draw in as many customers as rides do, that you need to be clever with where you place them. The Tiki Room is fine partly because it takes up a small parcel of land that could fit a small spinner, but works better as a gateway and creating a setting in its position. CBJ, on the other hand, took up valuable space that, for its RPH near the end, was better suited for a smaller ride (whether the ride we got was the correct one is a different topic).

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    Re: Country Bears at DCA

    I think with the recent DCA expansion they have gone away from the literal California theme. TLM and CL don't seem too California-ish to me. I think that if they choose the right area they can make the Country Bears fit. Maybe a little miniland anyone?
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