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    Re: What if DCA had just been an explansion of Disneyland?

    Everybody knows.....

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    Re: What if DCA had just been an explansion of Disneyland?

    Technically, DCA has an organized "backbone." Buena Vista Street yeilds into the Performance Corridor, which is by far the widest and most "central" path in the park, even on the map. That street passes in front of Mermaid and loops around Paradise Bay, where it crosses over itself at the buoy near Mermaid (a central meeting point of the lands) and continues down toward Grizzly Peak. In other words, that part of the park is a giant figure-8.

    Hollywoodland / Bugs Land is a secondary loop. Cars Land and Pacific Wharf are sort of like Toontown or Critter Country. Clear later additions.

    It's not perfect, and it's evolved organically in odd ways (just like Disneyland's layout has) but it's not a confusing mess. The most confusing part is Grizzly Peak, which feels like it should be considered a main pathway, but really isn't. It just happens to have a major attraction (Soarin') along it. But from Mermaid to Buena Vista Street, going via Grizzly Peak is a pretty out of the way detour.

    If you think of the performance corridor, that really is the park's main pathway. One lone backbone that most all major attractions are along. Grizzly Peak, Pacific Wharf, and Cars Land are just off the backbone.
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    Re: What if DCA had just been an explansion of Disneyland?

    I think it's possible that the turnstiles will eventually be moved to where the security bag checks are now with a single admission, making it one big park. It just depends on how many single park vs. park-hopper tickets are sold and how much they could justify marking-up the ticket price.

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