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Thread: People Mover

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    People Mover

    Why can't Disneyland take out the old people mover track in tomorrowland's attractions when they close those rides down. It is the perfect time for the tracks to be taken out of the Finding Nemo Submarines since the ride is closed. Space Mountain and Captain EO are going to be closing soon for a refurbishment, so they can take out the track one piece at a time.

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    Re: People Mover

    Because it would cost them $$$, unfortunately. I really wish they would though. Seeing those empty tracks makes me feel depressed while in Tomorrowland. In the name of good show, please remove the tracks if you do not plan on replacing the People Mover.

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    Re: People Mover

    It is mind boggling how long those PM tracks have been stagnant for.

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