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    Operations Nerd Trip Report!

    So, I'm pretty sure CMs can do Trip Reports when they play in the park. I did a solo trip this past week due to some plans not working out.(I really wanted to see the post-refurb Mermaid and the Maleficent preview. Also, 5 straight days of hectic Racers shifts made me want a break.) To keep myself busy, I used my cellphone to track times of various transit times, tasks, queues, cycles, loading times, etc.

    I got to the Toy Story Lot early afternoon.(Before the elementary schools are out but I think a couple high schools and junior highs were out.) The queue from the Harbor signal to entry both was only 2 minutes. From the booth to parking in Jessie was only 1 minute. From getting out of my car to boarding the shuttle was only 2-3 minutes. Total time from boarding to disembarking was 12 minutes. I didn't track time spent in motion but I'm sure it's less than 8 minutes. Disembarking the shuttle to clearing eastside bag check was only 1 minute. Clearing bag check to entering DCA was only 3 minutes.

    So, I purposely avoid certain E-tickets, long queues, and long rides to see how many rides I could squeeze in as little time as possible. My total time in DCA was 4 hours and 18 minutes. I hit up Triton's Carousel, the Swings, Goofy's, Jumpin' Jellyfish, Little Mermaid, Racers, Maleficent preview, Maters, Luigis, Heimlich, Tuck and Roll, Zephyr, and Soarin'. If you count the Maleficent preview I hit up 13 attractions, which comes to an average of one attraction every 19 minutes and 50.77 seconds.

    My initial strategy was hittin' up Screamin's Single Rider first. There was a Grad Nite so the Single Ride line looked over 15-20 minutes. In retrospect I should have just bit the bullet but my initial mindset was focused on boosting my numbers. Had I not hesitated/eaten a sandwich on the way to Triton's Carousel it probably wouldn't have taken me 8 minutes to get from the DCA entrance to Triton's. Take away sandwich eating and hesitation and I bet you could briskly walk from the entrance of DCA to Triton's/Toy Story in 5-6 minutes. I was actually surprised Triton's cycle(boarding to exit) was 6 minutes. There's no restraint checks or collecting flags so I figured it would be closer to the 3/4 minute cycles I had at Mater's and Luigi's. It's possible the one CM was a little slow or he had to deal with some uncooperative/slow guests.

    Mermaid looked pretty nice, although I was expecting a little more when you consider how my wait was 13 minutes(posted wait of 20 and I got to see the entire extended queue on the west side as a guest.) I'm crossing my fingers upcoming refurbs can do simple facial movement to the numerous static sea creatures as well as add even more sea creatures. I know it's a long shot but when you consider the Sebastian and the Tiki Room figures I think it's feasible on a low budget. I was sort of sort of hoping Ariel's new hair would look nice like a scaled-up Ariel Barbie but for some reason parts of her new hair reminded me of red licorice.(I do love candy but not on one of Disney's most iconic Princesses!) Oh, I don't think Mermaid took a capacity hit in the refurb since the spacing of the shells looked as close as they could be but I did notice every now and then the CMs left some empty shells. I'll ask my Mermaid buddies about this the next time I work a GSO shift with them. My theory is either they were training some new CMs or they're experimenting with lower outputs that won't bottleneck San Francisco Street during Phineas and Ferb/Operation Playtime/Pixar Play Parade.

    I also had higher expectations for the Maleficent preview since a couple Racers/Cars Land CMs I work with also work Bugs and they said the effects were pretty cool. It's possible some of the fog effects weren't working when I saw it but I wasn't as impressed with the 3D as some other CMs I work with. You should definitely see it at least once if you have time to spare, especially when you consider how your max wait will be 13 minutes and your average wait will probably be about 7 minutes.

    Almost all the show elements were working on Racers! Okay, the second curtain opening to the white wall tires in Luigi's didn't happen but I was pretty happy both tractors were tipping.(The second curtain opening is a finicky effect in terms of cars backing up, races starting, etc. so I'm a little more forgiving of that one, especially since it's rarer and not as annoying as the far too frequent post-Belt Check safety spiel glitches.)

    I got front row at Soarin' after a long single rider queue. I wrote down that there were 10 single riders in front of me and the time it took me from entering the queue to boarding took 23 minutes! Soarin's stand-by posted wait was 30 minutes and the Fastpass return was past 9 p.m at around 7 p.m. Compare this to Goofy's Sky School with 5 single riders in front of me and it only took me 5 minutes from queue entry to boarding. Racers probably had 50+ single riders in front of me and my queue entry to boarding time only took 21 minutes.

    I have more numbers written down but it's getting late. I definitely could have gotten way better numbers had I planned it better in terms of actually using Fastpasses, going in the morning, carrying more water, packing more snacks, using restrooms that aren't crowded, etc.(Bugs Land restrooms are packed, San Francisco and Buena Vista Street restrooms aren't.) I think my all time record in terms of rides in one day is in the high 20s/low 30s but I'm pretty sure Screamin' and Splash Mountain Single rider re-rides added another 2-4 rides. Those record days were when I signed in some family and we pretty much stayed open to close during peak season. When I do 8+ hr. trips when I sign-in family I can regularly get their number of rides in the high teens/low twenties.

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    Re: Operations Nerd Trip Report!

    You got a lot done in 4 hours! Thanks for sharing and very interesting having the detail on times.

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