Discussion in another thread got me thinking.

Disneyland no longer is able to operate as they used to for many reasons: technology changes, population demographic shifts, etc.

One factor that I am starting to think is seriously deforming a certain level of decision making is social media.

Bear with me:

Last week's small backstage fire. News hit here fast - probably within half an hour tops of the incident itself. However, by the time it did, I'd already seen pictures of the smoke starting, pictures of it in full column, pictures of it petering out, pictures of the firetrucks leaving the Employee exit, and quite literally hundreds of posts speculating on it from every possible angle and intent. Quite a bit of it was plain hysterical nonsense, frankly... but that's what gets attention and gets reposted and pondered on and hashed over ad nauseam while rational, calm conversation withers and dies.

How do you see this affecting Disney, and Disneyland specifically? Everyone knows and sees the more immediate effects of the FB Zombies permanently welded to their smartscreen phones 24/7, I'm wondering about the things on Disney's side.

I've heard from CMs about Disney fairly aggressively patrolling social media - you get found out or ratted out, you're out. I'm increasingly convinced a good chunk of the current railing binge is - in addition to be an internal safety initiative - also a concerted effort to move as much of the park attraction roster as possible to a walkoff evac procedure to avoid both the "I got left on Small World too long" lawsuits as well as the massive, exhaustively detailed barrage of online pictures posted by the "OMFG THEY JUST EVACED SOMEONE WITH A CHERRY PICKER ZOMG MUSTADIEDZORRED" crowd.

Opinions? Other changes anyone noticed linked with our fascination with social media?