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    What are the chances Haunted Mansion will open early?

    We're planning, what will be, our last Disneyland trip for a very long time in September. And, of course, we're set to go the day before HalloweenTime officially begins at DLR. Yeah....the flippin' day before

    I've been around the Disney block and I know the drill when it comes to HalloweenTime and Christmas, so I know that rides with a holiday overlay aren't set to open until the date of whatever holiday-time it is. But, I also know that when I was an AP holder in the past I didn't always pay attention to dates and the exact moment rides opened after a refurb. I just went to the parks and figured, "I'll just go on the ride when it opens. Whatever." and went on my merry way.

    So, I was wondering if any one knows the possibility that HM might-maybe-kinda-sorta be open before Sept. 12? My son hasn't been on HM since he was about a year old and has recently (now that we don't live in OC anymore ) become completely OBSESSED with the ride and has been talking about wanting to go on it for about six months now. I've already told him that the chances it will be open are very slim, but the thought of seeing his little disapointed face once we're there just sounds so awful to me.
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