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    Height requirement off on Splash Mountain?

    My soon is 36" but my wife likes trying to get him on the 40" rides making him stand under the sign to see if he has grown enough ( hows that, the only time we measure our kids is at the Disney Height requirment measuring stick) Well I told my wife He hasn't grown 3" in a month you freak! But to our surprise he made the requirement! The CM put my son under the sign and he fit right up to it. the CM tried to pass a finger between the sign and my son but it would not fit. So we rode splash mountain. Now it was on my son was singing the I'm a Big Boy Song as we went to Star Tours for his first flight. He walked to the Measuring stick but was about 3" too short of the same 40" requirement..... So I was wondering if anyone els has experiance this. Or see for yourself if you have a young one on the brink 40" tall. My wife said maybe the ground is uneven under the sign, i think it has a bumpy texture to it but I didn't go back to check. Anyone else hear or know of this??
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    Re: Height requirement off on Splash Mountain?

    ya know, the exact opposite thing happened with my nephew. He was tall enough for star tours but not for Splash.

    Strange things that. I don't think anything they use is 100% accurate.
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    Re: Height requirement off on Splash Mountain?

    There are a number of Uncle Remus characters featured in Splash Mountain that are under 40" in height - including Brer Rabbit. If I were you, I'd tell them that if the height restriction applies to your son, Brer Rabbit has to go.
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