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    Motion Simulator Switch-Outs

    While watching Guardians of the Galaxy last night, during the scene where they're riding in the pods in Knowhere I started to think to myself how cool it would be if they made a ride like Star Tours but with GotG's scenes and that epic old-school soundtrack. Which got me thinking...

    How difficult, from a technology/computer/planning standpoint, would it be to have a motion simulator ride that would switch out to cater to popular Disney movies? For example it could have been a sleigh ride with Olaf for all of the Frozen hype, then it could change to GotG now, and then in maybe 6-9 months it would be something for the next movie (maybe something from Big Movie 6?).

    I'm guessing the people who know these computer programs better than me are going to say it takes at least 2-3 years of planning and testing for these kind of ride set-ups... but it'd be neat if they had something that could easily switch out!
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    Re: Motion Simulator Switch-Outs

    That would actually be really cool if it was on a small scale, took up a small footprint. I remember when I was a kid, at our local mall there was a motion simulator ride you could go on for like 5 bucks. It was pretty awesome, I still remember it. You got into this little box that seated about 10 people, maybe less. I haven't seen one of those in awhile though. But so much can be done with motion simulation that it could actually be a really great way to promote new films, while not actually implementing them permanently. Oh jeez I cannot imagine the line for this kind of thing!!

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    Re: Motion Simulator Switch-Outs

    At its fundamental level, Star Tours is a large motion simulator with multiple scenes that swap out at random. A ride like you mention could be made but you have to place it in a land where its multiple scenarios or scenes make some sense.
    As a new movie is made the new scene would be created and tested. When it's ready, place it in the simulator and off you go.
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