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    Walt Disney Interview Audio

    I'm working on a project, and I'm wondering if anyone has any links to, or DVD's recommended that contain Walt Disney's audio on Mickey Mouse, Disneyland, etc. It's a side project for school, and I was hoping to really impress my professor. If you can help me out on any of this, I would be very appreciative!

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    Re: Walt Disney Interview Audio

    Here's a few short ones that I enjoy that might be helpful.
    This is the ever famous clip in which Walt talks about his inspiration for Disneyland from going on trips with his daughters.
    This is also a nice clip from the same interview, I believe. He talks about Snow White, Fantasia, and a bit about his pioneering in animation and CalArts.

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    Re: Walt Disney Interview Audio

    This has a bit about Disneyland in it.
    Favorite Ride: Tower of Terror

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