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    How far in advance does the DLR website post show times/park hours?

    I'm planning my Disneyland vacation for November, the week before Thanksgiving week. I need to coordinate my dining reservations/nighttime show dining packages with the park hours to figure out which park I'll be in that day. However, I don't want to book a WoC dining package and then find out that WoC only shows the same night as Fantasmic (the better show in my opinion), and have to go see WoC instead to get my money and time's worth out of the dining package. So how far in advance does the Disneyland website show the park hours and show times? Also, does WoC/Fantasmic/seasonal fireworks shows typically show on weeknights during the off-season? Thanks to all.

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    Re: How far in advance does the DLR website post show times/park hours?

    Hours start coming out about six weeks in advance. A good rule for woc is one show every night and fantasmic is only Friday, Saturday, and Sundays during "off" months such as November. So I would plan woc on a Monday through Thursday night and fantasmic for a weekend night.

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    Re: How far in advance does the DLR website post show times/park hours?

    You can also try and find the hours from 2013 and that may give you an idea of park hours, and the Disney website may even have show schedules up from then too!

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    Re: How far in advance does the DLR website post show times/park hours?

    Count of WOC showing every night and fantasmic and fireworks weekends only. Depending on when in Nov you might have Remember or Holiday magic Fireworks. If it's Remember you REALLY need to be in the hub so plan two weekend nights for disneyland and any night for dca

    ok, I saw you'll be there after thanksgiving so you'll have Holiday fireworks (and snow) so you could watch after fantasmic but I'd still try for separate nights for F! And fireworks
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