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    Re: What Marvel ride should come to disneyland

    Another attraction that was also naturegreat..... Nature's Wonderland And Rainbow Caverns. The caverns and the geysers were my favorite parts of that ride. It's use of colors and water effects melded and flowing together was spectacular and completely unforgettable. Splash mountain, fradiator Springs racers, and big thunder mountain all contain tributes to this forgotten classic attraction which also included a pack mule ride and Conestoga Chariots thru it's hills and over By Rainbow Ridge. #Epic!!

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    Re: What Marvel ride should come to disneyland

    A dark ride where all the characters in the Marvel Universe battle to the death with all the Star Wars universe using all the ultimate death weapons. In the end all the bodies (living or dead) are vaporized and the ride exits into a new universe where Tomorrowland is safe and secure from further Intellectual Property purchase incursions.

    What a wonderful would it would be!

    I am Sambo, and I endorse this signature.

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    Re: What Marvel ride should come to disneyland

    Quote Originally Posted by DrFink View Post
    After seeing Guardians of the Galaxy I would be onboard with a Guardians takeover of the Tomorrowland theater. I love Captain EO and all, but it's time for that to be retired again. The Guardians are hilarious, the characters are likeable, and they could put together a really fun show to go in there. It would be better than a Stark Expo takeover of Innoventions, for sure.

    At least re-face it to look like the city area from guardians. I like that future look from the movie a lot!

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